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OOOOH NO! We’ve got one day to go, go go Godzilla!

It’s finally over.
No rain, no rainbow.

It’s finally over.

No rain, no rainbow.

So, may have said this before, but, I kinda sorta live in Idaho. Last year we just barely passed an anit-LGBTQ-discrimination ordinance, and the opposition put it up for a repeal this midterm.

My friend with a paper route happen to notice “Vote Yes to Repeal” flyers, and he scooped up as many as possible.

They are packed to the brim with grade-A, homegrown, All-american farmed bigotry.

Y’all mother fuckers pissed off the wrong gay paper-boy.

41 plays

no words.

On Killing a Spider

Have you ever killed a spider?

Perhaps with a shoe and a mighty thump you have suddenly pulverized an arachnid into a stain with some legs stuck to it.

What of a less intense method?

You take some tissue paper, several sheets, and place them other your pinching fingers. You rapidly extend your arm pressing your fingers to the wall and then together as quickly and thoroughly as one can.

As you retract the tissue opens slightly, and in it is the corpse of the beast. It’s body is smaller and deflated. The legs are curled inward.

The legs are curled.

Perhaps when the spider died it’s muscles contracted forcing it’s legs to bend in. Or maybe it was pain. As you fingers pressed upon it’s body,the creature tried to condense itself. Hugging itself, in a desperate attempt at one last embrace.


Today on “things I find open in random browser tabs”: A gen 1 time-lapse that condenses the entire sixteen days down to an hour. 

At this speed puts so much in perspective. In hindsight we know that we made progress and beat the game. However, to actually see that progress in one sitting provides proof that even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. 

My activity is the night.

My activity is vengeance.

My activity is Batman! *lightning flash*

Reason people should stop asking me to play Hearthstone
  • It doesn’t fulfill my gambling habit
  • I play table top games because I don’t need electricity to do so
  • I play table top games to see other flesh and blood Entities
  • It doesn’t provide the satisfaction of crushing a fedorable opponent at the local shop. 

Zelda and Frankenstein commiserate. [depressedalien]


Zelda and Frankenstein commiserate. [depressedalien]

Worker bees can leave. Even drones can fly away. The Queen is their slave.
Chuck Palahniuk

One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.