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Being the Odd One Out - Madness

My Special Topics: Madness in Literature class has caused me some self (what’s the word, it’s not concern, investment sounds detached) intrigue.

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See the Sky?

See the big emptiness of blue?

Only the birds embrace it’s nature. Taking to the wind, moving with seemingly endless grace and freedom, only their own physical condition holding them to the ground.

I used to swim. That was freedom, free from weight, free from ground and gravity, only bound by my lungs. Moving in 3 dimensions swirling round and round, my inner ear becoming confused by the movement. Losing sense or position and reality. 

Both our sky and our oceans are blue.

Light, dark, deep blue.

Some are welcoming and warn, while other blues are so quiet and solemn, and yet other still deep and terrible. Just like the freedom they hold, the freedom they represent.

Water and air are life; water and air and blue; and water and air are free.

I like blue.

Thoughts on Thoughts on Shrunken Heads

Shrunken heads are weird. A friend of mine linked me to this article. I found it a bit hard to read, a bit off-putting.

Why? Usually such things as medical procedures, treatment of remains, surgery, and dissection don’t phase me too much. However, upon reading about this I found myself feeling uncomfortable.

I’m not sure why. Perhaps it has something to do with what I have accepted as normal. Maybe I was just caught off guard, as opposed to my scientific mode in which I usually experience  such things. It could be that it truly is disturbing to treat human remains in such away, or perhaps it is a good thing, but I’m clouded by the worldview I was raised with.

My smarter half has no problems with it. It has a strong cultural and religious rooting and importance, and I just don’t comprehend it fully. However, the rest of me wants to stop thinking about it.

I’ll probably try to understand more fully in the future, but for now I’m going to look at cute things and purge it from myself.

Hell isn’t a realm of fire and brimstone; it is a place where one portion of the holiday lights blink and the rest do not.

Self reflection is looking in a mirror. The longer you look the more flaws you’ll find and the more doubts you’ll have.

We should look in mirrors more often. 

(not) Giving Up

It seems that in everything I have ever read, the human spirit is the ability to keep going. To always work past the bad, even if it’s still affecting you.

I find it curious that so much of our (human) literature embodies this. Stories and art tend to reflect something in the people or cultures that create them. That being observed, what does it say that there is such a large presence of the idea of never giving up?  More over, it seems that in most cases I have observed, it isn’t to the end of some incredible goal. No, rather it seems to be tenacity in the face of ordinary problems and mistakes.

Is life and existence really so hard that continuing is an achievement? Or is it a temptation of quitting? Is a desire to stop a commonality among humans? Is it an insignificant reassurance?

I don’t know.

However, it does seem that most of humanity would agree that an individual should always keep moving forward.

A Guide to Being a Relatively Not-Bad Person.

Step 1. Live Life

Step 2. If you are inclined to act in a manner that would be disrespectful, ignorant, rude, malicious, or even callous, don’t.

Step 3. Rinse and repeat.

History may be written by the victors, but they still have to mention those that lost.

The Planet

Earth is a bit like one big organism isn’t it?

A huge eco/geo/climate system that makes up our little rock flying through space.

Does that mean if we colonize other planets, that earth had a baby?

Should we eat our old people when they become too weak to work? 

It’s recycling!

When ever I feel that there is too much to do, I make a To Do list. Putting thoughts in order and planning releases the stress. After that, all you have to do is move forward.

Thoughts about the Atmosphere

(I hereby forsake the need to go into exact details about the physics involved)

A lighting-bolt, or better yet a Thunder-bolt (Big-ass Lighting with a REALLY big Boom) is a discharge of electricity from a cloud. This can be inside the cloud, or outside the cloud. when the bolt is discharged, the electricity super-heats the air around it and the air expands at and explosive rate away from the lighting bolt. 

Thunder, for my intents and purposes, is a shock wave that occurs when a Lightning Bolt explodes the atmosphere. How amazing is that? It EXPLODES THE ATMOSPHERE!

Now, a Sonic Boom is what happens when an object breaks the sound barrier. Meaning that the object moves faster than the speed of sound, and begins travelling faster than the sound waves it creates. Humans have created machines that can not only carry them through the air, but can also do so faster that the vibrations of the machine’s movement.

Allow me to reiterate: We can go faster than our own damn shock waves!

In conclusion, both the planet and its inhabitants have a tendency to break the atmosphere. That’s pretty damn scary and cool.

Generativity (and stuffs)

I have recently noticed that a friend of mine and myself have developed terminology between ourselves pertaining to different projects and things we make every so often.

We started off using the a simple phrase to help describe what we had to make; a, “reminder post,” is what we refer to it as. Now these particular posts provide far more info than just a reminder, but since the first two or so were, the phrase developed into our normal term for it. 

I know it’s a simple thing, but I find it fascinating that our language was able to adaptive and be creative so casually. We could have easily declared a better name for it, but instead it just happened organically.


I wonder how many people speaking the same language have different terms for the same thing.