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Did I ever mention I got a job in the University Library?
The archives are creepy, really creepy.

Did I ever mention I got a job in the University Library?

The archives are creepy, really creepy.

When ever I feel that there is too much to do, I make a To Do list. Putting thoughts in order and planning releases the stress. After that, all you have to do is move forward.
Microorganism Voltron Humans

So, just a thought, but aren’t the microorganisms in your body just as much you, as you are? They can helps, hurt us, just swim around us, or a combination, and as such they can affect us.

If a bunch of stomach bacteria give you the best digestion you’ve ever had, you might feel better or be able to eat more. They just influenced your behavior. If influenza causes you to become so sick that you skip work, the flu just influenced your decision. 

They may not be human, but they are part of this crazy complex eco-systematic-machine, in which each part has to combine and voltron together to make up the full human body.

You could make a similar argument for external factors, but what separates your little friends from you outside friends is that the microorganisms are self contained and live inside you and with you.

Analysis of “Don’t Judge Me”

The phrase, “don’t judge me,” has always bugged me. So, I’ma tear it apart. Oh and I used “I’ma” on purpose. 

I assume that you have heard or used this phrase before, so there is no need to acquaint ourselves with it. My problem with the phrase is that it addresses such power. Words only have the power that you give them, and this phrase contains a lot of power. More accurately it gives the person addressed more power. All because of the word: judge. 

The word judge is used as an action in this phrase, taking on the meaning: to make an opinion. However there is more to it than that. The word judge has a heavy tie to the judicial system. When a Judge makes his/her decision on a case, they don’t just express there opinion, they also inflict a sentence, a punishment, or consequence. 

You cannot stop people from making opinions, so to use the phrase in such a way is futile, but if the opposition’s opinion carried consequence, then it does have substance. However, it is the speaker who has invoked and forsaken such power to the opposition. Telling someone not to judge you, implies that they can.

Now, from everything I just covered, there most likely a time and place where the phrase, “Don’t judge me,” may actually have relevance. However, used as a modern colloquialism it actually enables the opposite effect that the speaker desires.I suppose if your in a situation where you want to say this, don’t. Don’t say it, and don’t care. Let them have their petty opinions. Just as long as you don’t formulate the petty opinion that they have petty opinions.

TL;DR: Judge is to strong of a word, and saying, “don’t judge me,” gives them the power to judge you.

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Speak only questions of what you do not know. Speak no opinion of what you do not understand.